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We have had the opportunity to serve a multitude of diverse industries and personal clients. We understand which investigative techniques are best served for each one of them. As such, we have made a concerted effort to continuously offer our expertise to businesses (small & large), governmental agencies, the insurance industry, law firms, and personal/private entities.

Business Corporations

On many occasions, companies require security consulting and investigative services that are beyond the scope of the in-house security departments. Some companies outsource their entire security function. Our experience has taught us how to maintain the delicate balance between normal functioning of in-house security and our objectives in protecting people, property, and other assets. We can also fill the requirement where full time in-house security is not practical.


Our personal investigative services give our clients a much greater opportunity and percentage of success when attempting to locate a missing person. We are able to solely dedicate our investigative process to our client. Law enforcement caseloads, specific to missing persons are massive. Hence, the potential for location success diminishes as precious time is lost. We have had great success in locating missing family members and persons of interest.

Insurance Firms

We have investigated various aspects of insurance claims, including home and commercial theft losses, construction site thefts, employee dishonesty claims, slip and falls, fraudulent medical claims; while providing surveillance, witness location, witness interviewing, courthouse searches, document location and verification, and more. Many insurance companies recognize the value of utilizing an independent investigator – acting as your SIU in claims investigation.

Law Firms

Attorneys recognize that using outside private investigators serves their clients more effectively in pretrial civil and criminal cases. Aside from service of process (we have field personnel who serve over 300 process each month), we can assist in documentation and follow-up investigation support; assess liability; uncover various records locate and interview witnesses; assist to evaluate mitigating damages; search public records; and inquire on numerous private and public databases.

Client Testimonials

I have used Sandlin Private Investigators many times in the past and have always been very happy with their work.  I am now engaging Sandlin for all of my law firm’s private investigative needs.  From simply serving someone with their court date, to needing complex investigative services performed on a party opponent, this is the team for you.

Aaron Freeman, JD, The Freeman Law Office, LLC

I first met Jack Sandlin when he worked at the Marion County Prosecutor’s office leading their investigative efforts.  In his career at the Prosecutor’s office and at the Indianapolis and Southport Police Departments, Jack represented the best in law enforcement.  He has shown himself to be a man of integrity who has dedicated his life to God, his family and community.   Jack’s professionalism as an investigator and commitment to his clients has always been exemplary.  As a fellow investigator, I’ve worked with Sandlin Private Investigators on a variety of complex, criminal and civil matters over several decades, both in the U.S. and internationally.  They have shown themselves to be valuable assets with excellent resources and knowledge.

Bill Parker, Sigco

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