The amount of information that is collected on our computers and cell phones today is phenomenal.  Our company often has request to assist in the recovery of electronic data.   We always start by trying to determine the purpose/goal of the client.   You may have someone who wants to inspect a phone utilized by their teenager or you may be dealing with a corporate attorney who is trying to respond to a court request for preservation and/or eDiscovery.  Where would you start and how would you proceed?

At Sandlin Private Investigators we follow best practices for any request that we receive.  In order collect and preserve potential evidence you need to know the law, current cases and best practices.  We offer consultation regarding eDiscovery, Cellular Forensics, GPS Data Recovery, Router Interrogations, Court Order Preparation, Network Seizures, Hacking Investigations, Network Hardening, Device Unlocking and more.

Following are the projects/exams we can conduct for computer forensics:

  • Email
    Internet history
    Search terms
    Social Media (Facebook, twitter) communication
    Chat logs
    Child pornography
    Money transactions
    Insurance claims via websites
    Password cracking
    Encryption cracking
    Skype analysis
    Registry analysis
    Database forensics
    EDB and EMC email extracting
    Complex keyword searching for patterns

And any other types of computer forensics, including exams of Windows, Mac and Linux based Operating Systems.

(Note: all computers are different and may contain some or all of the above data.)

There are many software solutions on the market that may allow for the recovery or collection of electronic data, but if it’s not seized in accordance with proper protocols you may find you cannot use it to advance your case.