Witness Location and Interviewing – Finding those who have key information regarding your case can be as simple as knocking on doors to utilizing in-depth investigative techniques to locate those witnesses.  Our firm is experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to witness location and interviewing.  We will work with you in developing a detailed work plan and budget.

In a recent accident case we were able to determine that there were multiple occupants in the striking vehicle and each had a story to tell.  Our documentation helped the client determine their course of action.

It is not unusual for us to be contacted to locate witnesses and the information provided is 2 or more years old.  With our access to great data we have a high success rate on locating those individuals.  Dead beats are the worse as they try to operate outside of the norm; working for cash; living with someone else.   It makes it a little more difficult but not impossible to find information that will help develop a door knocking list so we can use some shoe leather to close the case.

Sometimes our assignments include witnesses who are fearful of being harmed for coming forward.  We can work with you and provide our many years of experience to provide a safe environment for witness statements and court appearance if necessary.