Fraud Investigation & Prevention


Fraud Investigation

Sandlin Private Investigators has trained professionals who specialize in finding and preventing fraud. Through our sophisticated investigation techniques our fraud examiners can help you make a determination or whether or not a fraud occurred. We then can estimate the extent of financial cost or damages, and determine who committed the fraud.

Ways we can be of assistance in a fraud investigation:

– support a criminal or civil action against an individual

– form a basis for terminating a dishonest employee

– support a claim for insurance recovery

– support a defense of an accused employee

– locate hidden assets in divorce engagements or bankruptcy

Fraud Prevention

Since fraud prevention is much more cost effective than after-the-fact fraud detection, Sandlin Private Investigators are trained in identifying the areas within an organization that are vulnerable to fraud. We then take it a step further and implement proven internal controls that help deter fraud from every happening.

Ways we can be of assistance in fraud prevention:

– evaluate existing internal controls

– assess areas of fraud risk

– design or enhance cost-justified internal controls to reduce the risk of fraud

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