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Sandlin Private Investigators offer comprehensive digital forensic examination services.  Our well credentialed forensics team brings with them a wealth of knowledge and experience to properly leverage cutting edge forensic technology.

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Digital Forensic Examinations

We offer Forensic Examination and Data Recovery services throughout the USA.

Digital Forensic Expert Witnesses

Our examiners are among the very best in the business. If you need criminal or civil testimony our examiners are certified to testify as experts in their field.

eDiscovery Services

We know that a good case is built on thorough research. We leave no stone left unturned in an effort to help you prepare your case.


Our examiners have obtained a wide variety of certifications including: CISSP, CHFI, CFCE, A+, Network+, Security+, EnCE and ACEe. They also continue their education at Massachusetts Institute of Technology completing CSAIL (Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence Laboratory) courses each year.

Comprehensive – Easy – Affordable

Digital Forensics

Desktop & Laptop Computer Forensics


Internet history

Search terms

Social media communication

Chat logs

Child pornography

Money transactions

Insurance claims via websites

Password cracking

Encryption cracking

Skype anlaysis

Registry analysis

Database forensics


EDB & EMC email extracting

Complex keyword searching for patterns

Exams of Windows, Mac and Linux based operating systems

Cellular Forensics

Call logs

SMS and MMS messages


Pictures and videos


Turn by turn directions

Maps history

Internet history

Internet search terms

Voicemail retrieval

Exif analysis

Wifi networks analysis

Calendar Vaults

App analysis

Password cracking

Jtag & Chip-off forensics

All other types of data retained on cell phones, including iOS, Android and RIM based cellular phones & tablets

Other Digital Forensic Services

GPS Devices:


Saved locations


Waypoints and tracks

Router Interrogations:

Connected devices

DHCP tables

Router logs

Determine encryption usage

Other Items That We Can Forensically Examine:



USB devices

Gaming consoles

DVR (Digital Video Recorders)

NAS devices (Network attached storage devices)

Other Digital Forensic Services Offered:

Search warrant and court order preparation for important technical cases

Large scale network seizure (by network+ certified personnel)

Hacking investigations (by CISSP and CHFI certified personnel)

Network hardening (by CISSP and Security+ certified personnel)

Cloud hosting for evidence review by multiple parties

Virtual machines can be created of database servers for review by experts

Forensic lab setup

SOP creation for forensic lab

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